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Hello all!

My name is CJ Leung. I am the creator of the Don’t Stop Thinking Youtube channel that features videos explaining the geeky, nerdy and serious subjects that have remained relatively obscure.

I have recently finished creating a series of animated videos teaching players how to play Dungeons and Dragons 5e. But I want to create more videos, and not all of them will be about the Tabletop RPGs.

I want to create more. Creating these animated videos takes lots of effort and lots of time. Because I currently have a day job as a freelancer, I won’t be able to release these major high production quality videos as frequently as both my viewers and I want. But with your contribution, I will be able to set aside more time to on more of these great videos.

I freelance as a professional video editor, motion graphic artist, compositor and color grader. Basically, I am a post production all-rounder. I picked up lots of skills and knowledge by doing the stuff other people can’t or won’t do. Because I am great at fixing other people’s mistake, I am know in my circle as the “Turd Polisher Extraordinaire”. A title that I still have mixed feelings about.

Now, after years of doing that, I want to do something different. I want to CREATE something GREAT instead of just fixing flaws. I want this channel to be my outlet. I want to make great videos, discuss ideas, talk about the geeky, nerdy and serious, AND in the process, hopefully I can also entertain you.

I have set the Patreon pledge mode to per Major video basis which means that you will only contribute when I release major videos like the Learn how to play D&D 5e episode or the Who celebrates Lunar New year video. I spend way over forty hours on each of those video and I painstakingly designed the visuals to present all the pertinent information in a compact, yet, simple and easy to understand form.

Currently, I don’t think that I will be able to produce too many high production videos a month, but once the channel has grown sustainable enough, I aim to produce about 3-4 major videos a month. So that I don’t break your wallet, I won’t be drawing pledge more than one contribution per week no matter how many videos I release and neither will I draw pledge, for my updates, rants and Q&As videos. I have standards, you know. And I think you all deserve only the best.

The first batch of videos to be released will be the D&D 5E class series. After that, you get to vote for the videos that will be patreon supported. And not all the videos I will be working on is related to D&D or Tabletop RPG. The video will always remain free for the public to watch on youtube, or other platforms if anything changes in the future.

And with that, I hope you will help me share our obscure interests with the rest of the world by supporting me on Patreon.

Thank you!

CJ Leung


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