How to Play Dungeons and Dragons 5e – Level Up and Customization

Hey all, sorry that it took so long for me to create this episode. But I squeezed every bit of free time I have in my busy freelance schedule to create this video. But with the time I’m given I think I’ve created a really great one.

This Character Creation video is separated into logical sections with pause screens and each section is time indexed. So if you are rewatching this video, you can jump to the part that you like by clicking on the time in the description.

The series map has also been updated to track the progress of the How to Play Dungeons and Dragons 5e series. The series is now complete and I will be moving onto something else before I return to D&D.


Click on the text link below for Grent’s character sheet pdfs:

Character Sheet – Cleric Grent Anvilback

and the the image files here:

If you want your own blank character sheets, you can go to the Wizards’ official D&D site to download them. The link to their character sheet page is here and click the “Fifth Edition Character Sheets”.

CJ, over and out.

To those who celebrate it, Happy Easter.


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